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What we have around the power cord

Date:2015/9/24 15:41:21

What we have around the power cord: the power cord us everywhere, every day and will deal with the plug, turn on the TV, turn on air-conditioning, laundry, etc., all need to use electricity, and electricity where natural and ultimately plug. Plug may seem simple, but making the request is still relatively high, after all, security is an important factor in their consideration. But among the various countries, the plug is completely different standard, plug a variety of other countries, let us enjoy what we have not seen an alternative plug.
First look from our recent Asia-Pacific region, the voltage used in these areas are not the same, so the requirements of the plug is different, for example, Japanese voltage is 100 volts, 240 volts and Australia, Malaysia and India to 230 volts, from the plug shape, the Republic of Korea are using the feet round, while our Chinese Hong Kong and Macau, and Malaysia and Singapore use are three-legged flat, Australia and New Zealand the most personality, as eight-shaped, consistent Japan, Thailand and Philippines to use for the feet flat type, feet flat or round ground pin. Li Ning Boao Electric Co., Ltd..
To the Middle East, these power cord specifications not the same, they now do is the European standard, we know that the European standards of product quality requirements more stringent, relatively speaking, the safety factor to be higher in these countries such as Russia Belarus, Dubai, Turkey and so on use are European-spec feet round, while Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and other countries in addition to the above-mentioned specifications, there is the British standard three-pin circular. Some countries also have their own specifications and standards, such as Israel developed its own national standards.
In the Americas, both North America United States, Canada, or South America, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, Venezuela, etc. national standards used basically the same, except some discrepancy in the individual voltage in the frequency, the basic shape there is no difference, both feet flat type used round ground pin. Of course, there are exceptions in the Americas, for example, round feet used in Brazil, and Argentina, with the figure eight, Uruguay using a three-hole type.
Thus, various national standards are not the same, to plug the specifications are different, in fact, even when using the same shape plug wires, due to different plug not necessarily universal voltage and frequency, so in general the conversion power line plugs came in handy, it is used for a special kind of plug to convert between the different standards. Some friends even joked that travel to other countries, enjoy a different power cord is definitely one of a large tourism projects, while wearing the conversion power cord is must have equipment.
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