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Rice cooker power cord

Date:2015/9/24 15:47:20

Many of my friends say that the end of the home into the rice cooker rice, emit an unpleasant burning smell when cooking, it will be disassembled unbearable ready to clean up, who knows pot is cleaned up to the circuit connected wrong buy pot, I also have not seen a circuit diagram of what now would like to ask the manufacturer specialized in producing power line.

        If your rice cooker is common with electronics, you can press the following method connection: First, the rice cooker socket on the zero line directly connected to one terminal of the heating plate, then jack on the rice cooker Firewire connected to the master switch, cited a line from the other terminals connected to the master switch on the other terminals of the heating plate, then switch the two terminals were incubated with two wires to the master two terminals switches, last two lines of the warm light of the two terminals connected to the master switch, the heating indicator of two lines connected to the two terminals of the heating plate.
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