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Plug the power cord in black copper is how it

Date:2015/9/24 15:49:57

Plug the power cord blackened copper conductor: copper conductors and braided copper conductor power lines often found in black phenomenon, polyethylene and PVC material copper conductors are black, we Ningbo Ao Li Electric Co., Ltd. Engineers and we produce plug the power cord comparative analysis, summed up the following points:

Pay attention to moisture, to minimize storage time (for the power cord is the length of storage time of the product, to the product quality is good or bad)

The main reason there are two points:
One, is damp, in the coastal areas along the salt spray, make black and copper oxide. It may be recycled copper impurities.

Second, we humidity and moisture in the air with sulfur content more, the environment is also very important, if black braided copper wire, copper sure your silk or Pusi hypoxia.

To summarize the above observations that: 1 copper damp; 2 large ambient temperature, sulfur content and more; 3 copper purity is not high...
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